Data Notes

Pre-Award Data

On July 1, 2004, Illinois implemented a pre-award grants management application (UI eRA) to track proposal submissions and receipt of awards. As a result, the data for fiscal year 2005 reflected some anomalies due to the method utilized in transferring legacy data. Pending proposal data prior to July 1, 2004 was not uploaded into the new database until such time as an award was received. Therefore, proposal data may be duplicated in FY05.

Post-Award Data

Sponsored expenditures provide an important indicator of external funding and the level of research activity on our campus. These reports summarize available data on FY09 sponsored expenditures by UIUC colleges and units. It also provides historic comparisons of total sponsored, total sponsored research and total federally sponsored research expenditures for FY09 with past years.

A sponsored expenditure is an expense that is charged to a grant or contract account managed through Grants & Contracts. This data does not include expenditures of gift funds that are managed through the University of Illinois Foundation.

For the purposes of this report, Private Sponsored expenditures include private, foreign, and other government awards (excluding federal pass-through funding).