The University of Illinois is one of the world’s leading universities in research, instruction, and public service. Illinois is ranked 33rd of all universities in the nation in spending on research and development. Contributing to the research base are 1,879 tenured faculty representing more than 80 centers, laboratories, and institutes. These researchers are funded by government agencies, industry, associations, and foundations.

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and the Office of Business and Financial Services are pleased to present this annual report of Illinois’ sponsored research, instruction, and public service for fiscal year 2014, from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014. In addition, data is available for fiscal years 2005-2013.

This report covers both pre-award and post-award activity: proposal submission, receipt of awards and the statistics associated with these transactions, along with post-award expenditures.

The reports included on this web site were developed using Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Reporting Services and data provided by the Office of Sponsored Programs and Grants and Contracts Office, Post-Award Administration. Sponsored research expenditures were assigned to units and colleges based on the organization processing the expenditures. [1]

[1] Care should be used in comparing data with earlier reports. For assistance with historical comparisons, please contact Jayne Goby at 244-4759 regarding expenditures data and Kamil Tamimie at 333-9273 regarding awards.